When Is Sex Not Sex?

When is Sex not Sex? That’s not only a vague way to start an article – it’s also quite a thought provoking question. Let me elaborate. I’ve seen sex on the internet, I’ve heard my house mates have sex through the walls, hell I’ve even had sex myself. Yet still I don’t have a definitive personal answer as to just what constitutes sex. Not what physical acts are specifically needed, but instead what context is required for the resulting act to be termed ‘sex’?

On Polyamory - Part 1

The first time I ever heard the word ‘polyamory’, it was very late at night. I was about 15, and I was watching a program on YouTube about people who have sex with animals. A very fat woman with long curly red hair was gushingly describing her sexual relationship with her horse as a ‘polyamorous relationship’. She also had a husband – an American human like her. They found love through their rare and taboo common experiences with animals. If someone had whispered into my ear at that moment that I would myself be in a polyamorous relationship in the not too distant future, I might have been a little bit intrigued, but also felt pretty sick before the questions set in.

Re-think Ink

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past”.

These words were spoken by Jack London, the author, journalist and social activist who gained worldwide fame through the medium of commercial fiction way back in the 19th century. Yet here we are, over a hundred years later, pushing deeper and deeper into the 21st century, and tattoos are still so often associated with a stigma of regret, of poor decision making, of a generation who want everything now and give little to no thought of the consequences of their actions. It is time we had a re-think on ink.

This Is Art

Do you like my art

What art

This here

What where



My boots

Those boots

Yeah these ones

On your feet

That’s it

They’re your boots though innit

Yeah there my art

I like yours

My what

Your art

What art

That custard tart there

That’s my afternoon tea though innit

Yeah…your art


Is it radical?

Are we radical yet?

Was it radical?

How radical was it?

We kicked a dog into a bucket of baked beans

We flew a metal kite in an electrical storm

Are we radical?

Is it radical yet?


I watched the drops


Forming piles of rain

In a cliché that

had no market value


and Non-progressive

And the piles where puddles anyway


Image by Faith Goble