The Perils of Coke Dick

Be honest – we’ve all been there. Feeling better than you thought was humanly possible, and why not? You’ve probably spent all the money you own, your septum is screaming at you and you’re numb from head to toe. But who gives a fuck? You have won. You’re not alone and there’s a good chance the girl you’re with feels the same way. With one exception.

A Girl Named Crystal

Clawing your way out of the clutches of a comedown from a bender can really change your perceptions of a drug; it’s all fun and games until the next day (or the next, or the next). This particular drug was crystal meth. I had been out all night and half of the next day when, on an average night, I could easily be looking for an exit by midnight.

For Art's Sake

Dear readers, our greatest influencers – musicians, painters, Lindsay Lohan – are all ‘chemically assisted’ and they make cool shit happen. That’s not me saying, 'yay, let’s all do drugs now'; that’s just me, you know, sayin’.

Snorting Alcohol?

Powdered alcohol, Palcohol, recently been developed in the United States by the company Lipsmark. There are currently rum and vodka single shot sachets, as well as four cocktail flavours: Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Lemon Drop.

7 Things Not To Do On Acid

Watch Porn

I’m no lightweight; I’ll watch as much porn as I have to. I don’t shy away from these things. If it needs watching I’ll do it and I’ll see it through. However, with enough acid in your system, different parts of the body seem so much larger or smaller; heads look like shrunken walnuts and the ass – the ass becomes overwhelming and sometimes it’s all ass, huge asses.