I Paid To See Her Husband

Identifying one’s sexuality can be difficult and confronting at times. Although most people think it’s just choosing either men or women – or both – there are more orientations being classified over time. One particular sexuality is very exclusive and not quite discussed due to its odd nature. However, a look into the life of a woman who has classified herself as this particular persuasion sheds light on what exactly objectum sexuality is.

Objectum sexuality is the sexual attraction to an inanimate object. The documentary, Married to the Eiffel Tower, explores this idea well, following the life and loves of women who are objectum sexual. It begins with a middle aged woman standing on the banks of the water and the Golden Gate Bridge behind her. It is not until she talks that we discover this is more so a couple shot then just a woman standing in front of a bridge.

“I am a woman and this is a bridge, despite our vast differences, we are very much in love.”

Her name is Erika Eiffel, and she is one of only 40 people in the world that classifies themselves as objectum sexuals and may even have one of the most famous husbands. As you can assume, yes, Erika married the Eiffel Tower in a ceremony in 2007. However, this has not been Erika’s only love. She has had several relationships just like you and I. She has even had longer ones than I have ever been able to sustain. She had a long term and high profile relationship with the Berlin Wall that lasted 20 years.  In a previous relationship with a bow, she even became a world class archer. Erika believes that their love is no different to any other love between two beings. Her only regret is that her love for much more public objects do not allow her and her partner to ever truly be intimate with each other.

Erika was involved with another well-known object, the Golden Gate Bridge. Due to her love for big and famous objects it is rare that she ever gets to be with them. In the documentary, Erika is cradling an iron cross,

“I feel very very blessed to have a piece of my sweet Golden Gate Bridge, I just hope when I make love to this piece of him that he can sense and feel how much I really really love him. Because I am in love with Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge is very much in love with me.”

Objectum sexuals are slowly becoming more united and supported by one another in their own established societies on the internet. We can look down on them, as our first instinct might be to do, and fail to understand them and accept them as people. But where would that leave us? After all, they look kind of happy.

The full documentary is available here.