Hey baby – wanna be a table tonight?

Sexual arousal is the urge for sexual desire during or in anticipation of sexual activity. Now, porn is usually the go when it comes to getting the juices going, but not everyone believes a well-directed video with Oscar-deserving actors engaging in sexual acts is enough. Sometimes a little bondage is the way to a person’s heart, and to the root of their fetishes. One type of bondage that allows you to get into the mind and soul of furniture is forniphilia. Yes. That’s right; people get off by turning themselves and their sexual partners into furniture.



Source: David Blasquez

I admire their strength and creativity to perform such poses. It almost takes me back to my drama classes, attempting to be an inanimate object. Who knew those lessons would serve us in the bedroom? Typical positions that people enjoy performing for one another include the chandeliers, lamps, pedestals, lawn sprinklers and an array of different chairs.



Sculpture by Allen Jones

There’s a community of forniphilia lovers out there who seek out other fellow furniture fetish people to act out their erotic dreams of becoming part of the house. This form of sexual arousal began long before we had access to porn on the internet. The first evidence of forniphilia dates back to the late 1800’s – the sculpture Fauteuil by François-Rupert Carabin demonstrates a man and a woman acting as furniture.


'Fauteil' by François-Rupert Carabin

In today’s world the simple act of eating sushi off a naked woman is a form of forniphilia, because that is a common every day act that occurs in the kitchen. However it shows you that forniphilia is not as farfetched as one would initially believe. I guess you could argue that Twister is the something of a how-to manual for this type of activity.


Source: David Blasquez

We’re not all made to have the same sexual desires – that would just be plain boring. At least people who have attempted any position from off the forniphilia list can say they really do try in the bedroom.