The Average Pornstar

Close your eyes. Now…think about porn. Start picturing the average female pornstar.

Think hard.

What does this pornstar look like… her hair colour… her breasts?

Okay – don’t get too carried away!

Most people would have a vision of a sexy blonde with Double-Ds in their mind. Hot, right? As it turns out however, the average porn star is in fact brunette with B-cups. Whaaat!? The image of the blonde babe with big beachball boobs is totally associated with the average pornstar – but she doesn’t exist. Well, I mean she definitely does exist, but she certainly isn’t as prominent a figure in the porn industry as some would have thought. 


Not only are Double-D cups not the most prominent breast-size, they actually rank FOURTH – behind B, C, and D cups. It’s okay, my mind was blown too.


So, how do we know all this? Well, some brave chap took one for the team and set out to discover the answers to some very pressing questions. Jon Millward conducted research into the porn industry, analyzing over 10,000 different porn-stars to come up with the ‘average pornstar’. Sounds like a pretty hard job to me… amirite?


If you find yourself getting regularly distracted at your job, can you imagine how difficult it would be staying on task whilst collecting porn data? I’ll bet $100 this dude was working from home. In all seriousness though, his work is pretty interesting and definitely gives one a valuable insight into one of the most prominent money-making institutions in the world. Here are a few more interesting facts Millward discovered:




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