Re-think Ink

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with an interesting past”.

These words were spoken by Jack London, the author, journalist and social activist who gained worldwide fame through the medium of commercial fiction way back in the 19th century. Yet here we are, over a hundred years later, pushing deeper and deeper into the 21st century, and tattoos are still so often associated with a stigma of regret, of poor decision making, of a generation who want everything now and give little to no thought of the consequences of their actions. It is time we had a re-think on ink.

Itchy Trigger Finger


The Internet just about hit a new low for me today. You wouldn’t think this would be a particularly easy job, what with all the YouTube commenters; neo-Nazis; Guardian readers; Irish rugby fans, Alan Jones listeners, anti-vaccinators and Queenslanders out there – and yet!


Jesus-Fucking-Christ – enough! Easy, watch the spittle...we don’t want you lumped in with the Brainless Crazies. The time is right for Apple-rage, but we’ve got to stay nimble on this one – I don’t want to look like the Constant Naysayer here. If you’ve used the internet at all today, you’ve no doubt twigged to the fact that the interminable crawl towards Apple’s latest product salvo has finally and mercifully ended in what some people have mistaken for a bang.

So...I'm A Flag Burner

So – I’m coming out with a big one here folks. I got myself in trouble the other day (and possibly am again right now) for finally admitting to my very proud Australian workmates that I have once burnt an Australian flag.

Shock!! Horror!!!

Here’s the scoop.

The Social Media Breakup

 Image source: Markramseymedia

We all try to maintain an air of social media nonchalance, but let’s admit it – at some stage we’ve all used some kind of social media platform to show everyone else how great our lives are.