Looking Into The Abyss

Anyone who has made the pilgrimage to our Nations Capital could be forgiven for thinking that it is neither deserving of the title or the effort and, as a former resident of almost a decade, I say fair enough. Canberra is in many ways a lacklustre and buttoned down city. It’s like your annoying younger cousin who talks too loud but hasn’t really done anything, or that uncle you have that the whole family secretly thinks could be gay because he’s just “so clean."

The Aerosol Escape

There are few things in this world that harness the ability to connect people of all ages, colours and creeds. I’ve always found that alongside dance and music, art is probably one of the only elements that individuals interact with day in day out, and in many cases, it’s what draws people together.

Birdshit & Censorship

Part II in our series on censored art – read part 1 here.

I remember when I was in primary school and we had to write a poem one day. The limitation we were given for this particular assignment was that it had to be about an animal of some sort. I wrote a pearler about a squadron of magpies that poo on unsuspecting ground-dwellers. My teacher thought it was a good laugh and I did pretty well in her books.

Our World Is BLU

BLU is an Italian street artist who's made his sketches known across the globe by treating anything and everything as his canvas. His well known pieces employ comic-style characters blown up to huge proportions, at times transforming entire warehouse complexes into artistic polemics.