Our World Is BLU

BLU is an Italian street artist who's made his sketches known across the globe by treating anything and everything as his canvas. His well known pieces employ comic-style characters blown up to huge proportions, at times transforming entire warehouse complexes into artistic polemics. 

From industrialisation to obscene profits of big companies (Big Pharma, Big War, Big Food) and even to the inherent struggle of human existence, BLU has not shied away from challenging topics for the sake of 'good' publicity; in fact you'll find that these themes more than shape his work. This is all the more evident when considering the locations of his artwork - The West Bank and ex-war zone Belgrade in Serbia are among the more notable examples

Perhaps even more impressive are his forays into the digital medium, wherein traditional street art is combined with stop motion techniques and appropriation of the physical environment to create thought provoking and sustained narratives. Of particular note is his BIG BANG BIG BOOM video where the classical story of our evolution is used to bring up the questions of where we came from and where we're headed.


Earlier this week we featured his mural on Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art as part of our series on censored art. Since we place a lot of importance on the dissemination of all things hard to swallow (yes, that was childish Dangerlands innuendo; shoot me), part of this series will include showcasing our favourite pieces from these disserviced artists.







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