Retro Pleasure

Vintage Vibrator Project is a series of photographs of retro electric vibrators by the erotic photographers, Constance and Eric.

It's a tilt-of-the-head and scrunch-up-the-face kind of feeling when first viewing these photos. Did that go all the way? That's supposed to feel good? These artists have created yet another piece of fine art that “…favours a more universal, and freely interpreted, abstraction of sexuality.”


Constance and Eric, a couple from Brooklyn, United States, are known to play with the raw realities of sex through their real life photography, their work has been labelled, ‘Raunchy Rorschach,’

“Our method has always been to present imagery without personal influence so that the viewer can engage the work on their own terms.”

It's a woman empowering collection, the images of sex toys to which some degree have already preconceived ideas attached. However, the duo Constance and Eric opened up about the project,

“The unexciting truth about our project, from the point of view of its creation, is it is purely superficial. There is no message, no dogma attached to the images, they are simply studies in design and object aging.”

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Constance and Eric also commented on the history influence which viewers could consider that resulted in the creation of these products.  The artists continued to say,

“It marks the first time where the fabricated and misogynist "ailment" called Hysteria began to loosen its stranglehold on American society’s consciousness (though unconscious remnants still exist today). Many of these "personal massagers", to some, represent one of the key moments when women were able to take their sexuality into their own hands, literally and figuratively.”

Vintage Vibrator Project is only one of the many collections that Constance and Eric have to offer.



For more of their sex positivity work visit their site.