Chaos & Change

Born in Instanbul, artist Ozge Cone uses bold black and white photography with ominous undertones in her collection Inside and Out. Her work focuses on the central themes of chaos and change, two forces she believes are underlying our human progress.


“Chaos is related to actions, transitions, geneses, expansions, deteriorations, metamorphoses, remedies, recoveries, fractures, downfalls, eruptions and avalanches.” - Ozge Cone


“The core of chaos theory is change. Chaos is the disturbance caused by the constant purification, simplification, rounding, approximation, localization, insulation, linearization and generalization. Constant is our " common sense " based on the balance, the available, the consensus. Chaos theory is the revision of the differentiation, the existent, the unpredictable and the instability to form a vantage point towards constancy and diversification.” - Ozge Cone




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