Flower Power

Sirikul Pattachote is Thailand born painter whose work is blossoming through the art scene (sorry but the pun was inevitable). Her enchanting use of colours, combined with soft, sensuous lines and a liberal scattering of floral components encompasses a deep sense of reflection as to the human experience of life. The work is moody and meditative, but not without a sense of calm.


adrift sirikulpattachote

“The brittle decomposition of a flower at the end of its purpose is a slow and lonely, bittersweet journey. We can use words like this to describe the action because it is so familiar to our own human experience. Just as the flower serves its purpose we serve ours, we both flourish in the sunshine and grow uniquely beautiful before we leave our legacy and drop our petals along the path to becoming a memory. The ephemeral quality of life and matter is a central theme in Pattachote’s work. Through her paintings, she attempts to record and preserve certain memories and impressions that highlight the potential good that lies in everyone and everything.” – The Lodge Gallery, New York

I dont remeber how long youve been here

little amadius


We humans often fear the unknown and death, and in response try and maintain the illusion that our beauty at our physical prime will somehow compensate for the point at which we inevitable, and irrevocably, begin to deteriorate. The visual intertwining of human nature with the natural world brings Pattachote’s work an understated, and yet still majestic, beauty.

sirikul 001 72X36



These pieces are only a selection - yet more of her restive pieces can be found here.