False Realities and Urban Indoctrination

Kristin McIver is an Australian artist based in Brooklyn. Her work ranges from sculpture, to painting and installations.

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Her neon installations are particularly thought-provoking, and are notable for their subtle ironic undertone, and somewhat comic sensibility. McIver utilises techniques on the same wave length as commercial advertising, manipulating the emotions to have a 'more than meets the eye' effect. Bold, colourful slogans in isolated locations cause us to reflect on the true meaning of what the artist is trying to say.

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McIver’s work has been said to "exposes the false realities imposed by urban indoctrination." You might think that's a deep way to look at a pretty lights, but then art is always a bit of a convoluted deal, and the pieces are undeniably thought provoking. Mad props to you, McIver.

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Find more of Kristin McIver’s work here.