Sweet Surrealism

Aisha Zeijpveld is a Dutch gem with a lens, based in Amsterdam. An obsession with images and photography led to her getting her own darkroom as a sweet-16 present, and the results are certainly sweet.

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Zeijpveld's pieces represent a combination of commercial art visual styles with small but signficiant splashes of surrealism.

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"Zeijpveldā€™s focus on people, their nakedness and vulnerability; yet simultaneously their potency and pride characterizes her photography."

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The subtle use of tricky camera work, with strong focal points, make for a series of highly captivating images. The fashion and design worlds also have a substantial influence on her work.

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"[Aisha] aims for the absurd, allowing her photographs to be posited on the interface of reality and dream-world, while always maintaining their functionality and clarity."

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Do yourself a favour and check out more of her work here.