"I Just Met Snoop Dogg In My Dream"

Ahhh, sleep and marijuana; the two go together like smut and irony. Like whisky and cigars. Like…food and marijuana, music and marijuana, and marijuana and more marijuana. It’s all wonderful.

Most people report (yes, I have my people reporting to me on these matters on a daily basis) a lack of dreaming after a date with Mary Jane. The internet tells me this has something to do with sleep cycles and rapid eye movements. They also use words like ‘circadian’, so I’m gonna have to take their word for it.

Despite all this though, an acquaintance of mine was able to regale us with a story of his dream that seemed to ooze THC. Yes, he was high when he went to sleep and yes, he still managed to dream. Better yet, you can damn well tell where his head was at when you hear the story. Take that, science!

It all started with a Facebook status.


As for the rest of the story, you can read the very notes he made on his iPhone as soon as he woke up.

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Title Image Credit: Rebecca Span.