About The DL's

The Dangerlands is the magazine to represent a generation. We've been boxed into this group that the rest of society views as lazy, privileged and entitled. Now we're angry and we're despondent. This is us writing back to the world in response to these accusations and to write out our own identity. 

We want the things no one else will publish. We want stories from places that no one else will go. We’re looking for the outliers, the troublemakers, the rabblerousers. 

We are the noisy neighbours; we are the bad kids at the end of the block your parents warned you about.

We’ll say all the things nice kids from good families have been told not to talk about in public. 

We’re here for the things that need to be said, but are hard to say – the truths that need to be told, but are hard to listen to. 

We are the voices from the margins, the view from the edge; we are what things look like from the outside.

We are the trouble that ordinary people avoid. We are the party, we are the hangover and we are the people you didn’t invite that throw the furniture into the pool.